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JAM Rice Milk Soap with Gluta and Collagen


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JAM Rice Milk Soap with Gluta and Collagen

JAM Rice Milk Soap with Gluta and Collagen

Non-drying formula, Suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin. Can be used on face and body

Very effective for men and women who have problematic skin, dark spots , dull , itching or dry skin.

Some expensive facial cleansers make the skin dry, cause more acne and does not help nourish your skin.

Those with sensitive skin need to be very careful in choosing the right products because most beauty skin care products contain chemicals.

This product is made from the finest Jasmine Rice extracts enriched with Vitamins and 100% natural plant extracts, using traditional formula infused with today’s technology.

Natural extracts. No chemical additives. Ingredients are carefully formulated with a blend of natural herbs such as milk, rice, grain, and rich Vitamin B and E to nourish and add moisture to the skin.


Glutathione has whitening, lightening, and smoothing properties

The collagen component Reduces wrinkles, helps keep skin healthy and soft. Smoothens and reduces roughness

Rice milk is very rich in vitamins and minerals, which will nourish and moisturize your skin.

Rice grains also help in gently scrubbing away dead cells without causing irritation to the skin

Helps eliminate dirt, acne and oily skin, freckles, and dark spots

Eliminate dark areas on the armpits, elbows, groin, and thighs etc.

Provides all-day freshness, Eliminates body odor

Has helped many with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders

High quality is yet super Affordable!

How to Use:

Apply soap on the face and body during daily routine cleansing, massage gently for 2 – 3 minutes, then rinse.

Use on the face and body 1 – 2 times every day for best results.

This is a soap with natural minerals and ingredients, long term usage will ensure improvement to your skin.


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